How Moving Feels Like

When you move, you feel like all of your friends are going to. Have a blast without you. You feel like that they will get over you, and start to hate you and gossip behind your back. Honestly, it’s very painful when you move. Cause you’ll miss your friends.

How Moving is a lot of work

While you are htere thinking about missing your friends and want to spend the last days with your friends, you can't. Because you will have to pack, your clothes, your furniture, everything that is under your possession. It'll take about a month if you have a lot of things in your house, or pay. A few workers to move your things to your new place. But, even if you hire the workers, you have to be there with them because they might steal or might not know which is fragile or not.

Everyone gets Sentimental

When you start to move, you start to cry wishing that you never had to, or just think of you living without them. You will feel like. You won’t. Be able to live your life without them, but that’s not true. You can be friends with anyone you want and not miss them when you leave. It’s natural to leave. Your friends later on in the future. You will miss them, but feeling will just weigh you down and not allow to move on with life.


With lots of friends, you would’ve had the best time of your life, but, if you don’t it will probably be better. Nothing to weigh you down or prevent you to move on with life. With lots of friends and they post things on social media without you, it could cause pain.

School Life

When you then move, you will have a hard time socializing with your peers if you don't move on. For others it's simple. Just let them go and accept them others, they. Just dan't imagine themselves living without others and others living without them. It's like they're inseparable.

Letting Go

Once you let go of your friends, you can still contact them, but just have a fun time with them. Don’t worry so much about others having more fun without you or something. Live your life!